Headlight Restoration

Most headlight lenses are made of polycarbonate which is a kind of plastic. Plastic, like a lot of other products, breaks down in direct sunlight. Most manufacturers put a UV (ultraviolet) protective coating on the lens to stop them from deteriorating. however, like putting sunscreen on ourselves, it eventually wears off, allowing the sun to attack the lens.

This can be seen in several ways:

  • Your lights become yellow and hazy
  • Your lights look like they have a layer of skin peeling off
  • Your lights are less effective at night, making it harder to see the road. (Especially when raining)
  • Other cars have trouble seeing you

We are now offering a 3 step maintenance program to improve your vehicle’s lighting performance.

  1. Restore those horrible yellow lights.
  2. Aim them in the right direction
  3. Upgrade your old globes.

In addition, if your lights are bright and clear, their performance can substantially decrease your likelihood of having an accident at night time.

We researched the market and the product that we have selected for headlight restoration is the clear market leader in both:

  • Clarity – making the headlight lenses crystal clear and therefore more efficient.
  • Longevity – due to the nature of polycarbonate, headlights will always deteriorate over time. The product we use is the longest-lasting of the products and backed by Headlight Centre automotive lighting technology. therefore we are happy to back this up with a 5 year 100,000km warranty – if within that five year period there are any signs of deterioration, not including stone damage, we will restore them at no cost to you.
  • All our globe upgrades are either Philips, Osram, or General Electric globes, giving you the best product available. In addition, we also offer LED upgrades.

How Do We Do It?

Our process is second to none. Developed in our workshop for the best results that can be achieved. Machining of the lens to remove all damage and a permanent UV coating applied to allow light to pass through the lens completely unobstructed, giving a better clarity of light.

Can’t I Just Replace My Headlights?

Yes, you can. However, the cost of a new set of headlights can be as much as $1600 per set,
or even on the odd occasion $4600.00 each

Restoration is a fraction of this cost and we restore them at your home or office. We save you a lot of time – and money.

Can Any Headlights Be Restored?

If your headlight has been left too long without any UV filter and is cracked, restoration is very difficult and in some cases impossible. If that is the case, we can advise you on your best option.

Headlight Centre is not just a service for cars, we do all types of vehicles. Trucks, buses, motorhomes, even your front-end loader!